Therapy Rates

Individual, Couple, Family, Adolescent, and Child therapy - $150 per session

Group Therapy Rates

Therapist facilitated $35 per hour session

Paraprofessional facilitated $20 per hour session

Groups are scheduled according to need

Special Master Services

$150 per hour or $37.50 per quarter hour

Presentation / Training / Education

Rates vary. Please call for more information

The Journey Facilitates

FREE courses through the Uintah & Daggett Counties Children’s Justice Center

Classes Include:

  • Body Safety Classes by age
  • Parenting Trauma Affected Children, understanding the Nature and Nurturing of parenting

Services Offered

  • Evaluations and Testing
  • Substance Abuse Evaluation w/Mental Health Assessment included ($400)
  • Mental Health Assessments ($250)
  • Psychological Evaluation (with or without IQ testing)
  • Academic/Learning Disorder Testing
  • Domestic Violence Assessment (for offenders) $95 an hour, assessments require 2-4 hours
  • Neurofeedback Brain Map $250
  • Neurosequential Development Brain Map $500

Check back for these assessments coming soon

  • Autism Spectrum Disorder Screening/Testing